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Micro Joining Equipment


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Micro Joining Principles

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Six principles of micro joining, each with its unique features, are explained with motion pictures for easy understanding.



Actual examples of micro joining are introduced by video and images.

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We will be pleased to test your sample with our proposed joining method, and return it with a report.

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Introduction to Avio micro joining equipment

Nippon Avionics is promoting businesses utilizing four unique micro joining technologies.

  1. Resistance welding technology for joining metal to metal.
  2. Pulse heating (hot bar bonding) technology for soldering electronic components.
  3. Seam sealing technology for welding a lid onto a case containing electronic components.
  4. Laser joining technology, applicable to a wide range of usages, including soldering and plastic welding.
  5. Ultrasonic equipment for resin welding, resin melt cutting, resin cutting, metal joining and food cutting
  6. High-frequency induction heater unit for non-contact heating of metal using electromagnetic induction

It is extensively used for assembly of electronic equipment and electronic components.

Features of resistance welder

It is used for welding of electronic components and car electronics.
The welding power supplies available are AC type, capacitor discharge type, inverter type, transistor type and a unique hybrid (DC+inverter) type which is most suitable for battery tab welding.

Application examples

  • Fusing welding of winding wire of small motors used in automobiles or mobile phones.
  • Insulated wire welding of electronic components, such as resistor, capacitor, coil, transformer and IC card.
  • Resistance welding of solar battery, lamp, connector, switch and battery tab.
  • Resistance welding of ECU, EFI, air bag and other car electronic items.
  • Resistance welding of various sensors, such as printed wiring board, gas sensor, temperature sensor, magnetic sensor, pressure sensor, strain sensor, ultrasonic sensor and acceleration sensor.

Photo:Features of resistance welder

Features of pulse heat unit (hot bar bonder)

It is used mainly in soldering and thermo-compression joining.

Application examples

  • Heat seal joining and ACF joining for flat panels, such as LCD and touch panel.
  • Soldering of CCD or CMOS used in mobile phones and digital cameras.
  • Soldering of FPC and printed wiring board inside a PC or a video camera.
  • Soldering of insulated wire for HDD or manufacturing of AV equipment, such as the DVD player, or home appliances.
  • Gang soldering of ground bar of ultra fine wire co-axial cable.
  • Soldering in cell assembly of solar battery.

Photo:Features of pulse heat unit (hot bar bonder)

Features of seam welder

It is used for hermetic sealing of electronic components.
As the sealing equipment, we are offering a variety of products including seam welder, vacuum seam welder and solder sealing equipment, from manual to full auto machine.
Furthermore, we are also offering various can sealing equipment.

Application examples

  • Crystal devices
  • MEMS devices (acceleration sensor, gyro sensor, etc.)
  • SAW devices
  • Optical devices (semiconductor laser, image sensor, etc.)
  • Semiconductor devices (LSI, HIC, etc.)

Photo:Features of seam welder

Features of plastic fabrication equipment

It is used for plastic fusing or plastic welding in the automobile, electric and electronic, medical and food industries.

Application examples

  • Bumper, instrument panel, fender, door trim, air duct, key-less entry etc. in the automobile industry.
  • Mobile phone, relay, printer, CMOS camera, eye glasses, etc. in the electric and electronic industry.
  • Catheter and components of equipment in the medical industry.
  • Container, such as the bottle, cup and plates and packaging related items in the food industry.

Photo:Features of plastic fabrication equipment

Features of laser joining equipment

It is extensively used in the applications utilizing the advantage of a non-contact method.

Application examples

  • Soldering of electronic components
  • Welding of plastic components

Photo:Features of laser joining equipment

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Micro Joining Equipment

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Micro Joining Equipment
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Micro Joining Equipment
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