Aluminum wire and copper terminal are desired to be joined together in high quality

Ultrasonic metal welding machine most suitable for joining different material, such as aluminum and copper

Challenge: Strong welding result is desired by welding of dissimilar material of Aluminum and Copper.


Due to increasing demand of weight reduction for automobiles, the harness material has been replaced from copper wire to aluminum wire. Aluminum has a strong oxide film and is not suitable for soldering. Also, when Aluminum is welded with copper by laser welding or resistance welding, fragile metal compounds are formed which causes cracks, and ends up in insufficient strength.

Avio's Solution: Ultrasonic metal welder SW-3500-20 will provide solution.

It suppresses the formation of fragile intermetallic compounds, and achieves highly reliable welding.


1. Destruction of Oxide film

Ultrasonic vibration and head pressure promote friction and plastic deformation at the interface, and destroy the oxide film on the surface.

2. Solid phase diffusion junction

Solid-phase diffusion bonding is performed at 30% to 50% of the melting point of the base metal, which suppresses the formation of intermetallic compounds.

It suppresses the formation of fragile intermetallic compounds, and achieves highly reliable welding

It allows you to achieve highly reliable bonding between different material of Copper and Aluminum which is highly deformed during welding.


1. Unique function

The spring pressure follow-up function suppresses the slip of the work and reduces the loss of ultrasonic energy.

2. Frequency auto-tracking

It provides stable ultrasonic vibration with quick rise even under high pressure.

3. Excellent welding management

You can select the control mode matching the work, and perform various monitoring and data communication.

Applicable models

High Performance Depth Control

The 1um resolution linear scale allows you to detect accurate sink amount of the work and height of the work, by which oscillation is controlled in conjunction with the detected values.

Ultrasonic Metal Welder

Operation Screen

Operation Screen

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