Cycle time for Ultrasonic Staking is desired to be shortened

High frequency and high power ultrasonic welder suitable for caulking of steel boss (rib)

Challenge: Cycle time of thin boss (rib) heat caulking needs to be reduced.


  • Cycle time of thin boss φ2 to 3 needs to be reduced.
    However, it is difficult to raise the temperature and shorten the cooling time in case of the heat caulking method.
  • In case of ultrasonic caulking, it is difficult to adapt because buckling is easy to occur, although cycle time can be shorter.

Avio's Solution: The high frequency ultrasonic welder can improve cycle time
shorter without buckling.

Cycle time of caulking can be about half of heat method.


When the frequency is high, the welding start time is short and the vibration reach is short, so it is effective for caulking of thin bosses. However, since high power product are not commonly available, ultrasonic metal welders were rarely used.

HW-D200H-60 realizes 70KHz frequency and 200W output.
It is possible to melt a thin boss quickly without breaking it.


  • Fast cycle time
  • No cobwebbing (Low temperature welding)
  • Little heat effect to adjacent components
  • High strength (Clearance is easy to be filled)

Furthermore, stable caulking is achieved by peak power control.

Graph of frequency difference

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