Press fitting of a metal nut is desired to be accomplished in a short period of time

High-frequency induction heating equipment shortens the cycle time, and improves productivity

Challenge: Efficiency of press-fitting metal nut/bolt needs to be improved.


When pressing a metal nut into a plastic molded product (outsert), heating with a heater may take 10 seconds or more to raise the temperature, resulting in poor efficiency.
Productivity changes depending on the nut size and resin type (melting point).

Nut insert

Avio's Solution: High frequency induction heating solves the task.

Instantaneous heating of the nut improves productivity, reduces power consumption, and prevents modification of metal parts.


High-frequency induction heating

  • By applying a high-frequency current to the induction coil, a current (eddy current) is generated in the metal placed inside the coil to generate Joule heat. Since the eddy current is concentrated on the surface of the metal (skin effect), the nut is heated from the surface. It is the efficient joining method suitable for nut press fitting.
Process of nut insert
Induction heating

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