Operation of high frequency induction heater is desired to be monitored in high frequency induction heating process

Monitor unit that gives you capability of "Poka-yoke" or error-proofing

Challenge: In high-frequency induction heating equipment;
・Normal operation (Heating start) of equipment needs to be checked. ・Works (mainly metal nut/bolt) need to be checked if there is insufficient heating.


  • Insufficient heating will produce defective products (Disposal due to insufficient press-fitting).
  • It cause damage to the work if heating is insufficient, as press-fitting will be overloaded(Crack on work, damage to press unit).
  • Configuration needs to be simplified by combining with a temperature monitor(IR spot meter, etc.).
Normal operation of equipment

Avio's Solution: By using the current monitor unit, "Poka-yoke" or error proofing
can be implemented.

Current monitor unit to monitor normal operation of high frequency induction heating.


By adding current monitor unit;

  • It allows you to confirm high frequency induction heating equipment is operating normally.
  • When there is abnormal situation, insufficient heating of the work is indirectly detected, by which occurrence of defects is suppressed.
Current Monitor Unit
Monitoring Image of current monitor unit

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