Soldering and plastic crimping are desired to be optimized

Pulse heating method with excellent fine control

Challenge: Stable finishing appearance needs to be achieve
efficiently soldering and plastic caulking.


  • Cobwebbing occurs during soldering or plastic caulking
  • Excessive or insufficient melting occurs during soldering
  • Efficiency of soldering with multiple PINs needs to be improved
  • Finishing appearance of plastic caulking needs to be beautiful
  • Comparison of methods (merit and demerit)

Avio's Solution: Fine control of the pulse heat method contributes to
homogenization and efficiency of soldering. For plastic caulking,
beautiful finishing appearance is achieved without cobwebbing.

Pulse heating method that realizes stable joining by fine temperature and displacement control.



  1. It has excellent temperature control, can create temperature profile freely.

    → Reduces overshoot(undershoot)
    Not affected by the surrounding environment (temperature, humidity)

  2. High repeatability is achieved.

    → Controls unevenness and homogenization

  3. It hold pressure until the work solidifies.

    → Prevents cobwebbing and makes finishing appearance beautiful.

  4. Long lengths, multiple points, and large areas are supported.

    → Improve efficiency by batch soldering of multiple pins.

  5. Local heating, rapid heating, and rapid cooling.

    → Minimize thermal effects on adjacent components.
    Achieve safe and stable joining in a short cycle.

  6. Displacement can be controlled.

    → Reduces defects due to excess or deficiency of melting.
    (Suppression of excessive flattening, and disconnection)

Displacement Control
Pulse Heat Unit Model
Displacement Control
Temperature Profile

Pulse heat method with excellent finishing appearance and reproducibility, as well as less influence on adjacent parts


1. Comparison of Soldering

  Pulse Heat
(Hot Bar)
Laser Diode Soldering iron
Finishing reproducibility ×
Damage to the surroundings
Cost of consumables ×
Cycle time (1 point) ×
Cycle time (Multiple points) ×

*It is based on the independent judgment of Avio.

Detection of melting
Detection of melting
Detection of melting

2. Comparison of Plastic Caulking

  Pulse Heat
(Hot Bar)
Ultrasonic Infrared Constant Heat
Finishing appearance ×
Finishing reproducibility
Damage to the surroundings ×
Compatible range for boss size ×
Cost of consumables × ×
Cycle time

Detection of melting

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