What is the optimum technique for plastic crimping?

Ultrasonic welding VS Pulse Heat (Hot Bar)

Challenge: What is optimum welding method for plastic caulking?
What are merit and demerit for "ultrasonic caulking"
and "heat caulking"?


  • There are ultrasonic caulking and heat caulking for the plastic caulking. However, it is not clear which is the most suitable method.
  • We would like to know difference between both methods, as well as their merit and demerit.

Avio's Solution: There are merit in each method.
Avio is happy to propose based on customer's needs.
Please feel free to consult us!

We propose an optimum method from our existing know-how, result of sample test for you.


  1. We have both pulse heat (heat caulking), ultrasonic calking. Therefore, we can propose optimum method from judgement based on fair standard and point of view.
  2. We propose solutions which fit customer's needs.
    • Proposal of optimum method
    • Design and manufacturing of heater tip, horn with the most suitable shape
    • Consulting for customer's needs such as multi-point caulking, automation, traceability enhancement, etc

Merit and demerit of "ultrasonic calking" and "heat caulking".


1. Ultrasonic caulking


  • Peak power control (External sensor control is available such as displacement)


  • Cycle time is fast
  • Less cobwebbing (Low temperature welding).
  • Minimal heat effect on peripheral parts
  • High strength (Clearance is easy to be filled).
  • Applicable to large size boss (Double-mount type caulking)

Reason for Choice

  • Cycle time
  • Welding strength
  • Boss size guide (Φ2mm or larger)

Pressure force Ultrasonic vibration

2.Heat caulking


  • Temperature control (Displacement control available)


  • Beautiful finishing appearance
  • Less cobwebbing (cooling is maintained)
  • Little heat and vibration effect to surrounding components
  • Quiet sound
  • Applicable to small size boss

Reason for Choice

  • Finishing appearance
  • Effect (stress) to surrounding components
  • Boss size guide (Φ4mm or less)

Pressure force Heat

Applicable models

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