Press punching of plastic molded part is desired to be achieved easily

Ultrasonic vibration can make plastic punching easier

Challenge: In hydraulic press machines that are mainly used;
・ Bulky machine occupies large space.
・ Works are warped and deformed by high pressure force.


  • The hydraulic press is too large (pressure and space wise) for secondary process to make small punch after plastic molding.
  • The work is damaged by the stress of the hydraulic press. Also, burrs and cracks may occur on the cross section.

High presssure

Avio's Solution: Punching by low pressure force is available by utilizing ultrasonic

Processing is available at pressure ranging from 1/4 to 1/6 of the static pressure.


1. Low pressure

  • Downsizing of press unit → Space saving
  • Suppression of work warpage and deformation → High quality processing

2. Hammering effect

High-speed and repetitive impact force of vibration from ultrasonic horn vibration is extremely large, as the acceleration is proportional to the square of frequency and is tens of thousands of times the gravitational acceleration. This impact makes it easier to cut the work than simply applying pressure. Friction heat from the impact promotes softening of plastic resin, which promotes good workability.

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