Efficiency of entire circumference soldering of a coaxial cable is desired to be improved

High frequency induction heating system shortens cycle time and improves productivity

Challenge: Improving efficiency of all-round soldering of coaxial cables.


Since all-round soldering of shielding area and body of coaxial cable absorbs great amount of heat, soldering iron may require 1 minute or more to preheat which results in low productivity.


Avio's Solution: High frequency induction heating solves the task.

The shield area and the body are heated in just a few seconds, and the entire circumference is soldered at once.


1. High frequency induction heating with high heat generation efficiency

By applying a high-frequency current to the induction coil, a current (eddy current) is generated in the metal placed inside the coil to generate Joule heat.
Since eddy currents are concentrated on the surface of the metal (skin effect), the metal can be directly heated efficiently, and the shield part and body can be soldered in a few seconds.

<Skin Effect>
The figure shows the relationship between the strength of the eddy current that heats the material and the depth from the surface. The surface is strong and becomes weaker as it goes inside, which is called the skin effect. Due to this effect, current is concentrated on the entire circumference of the shield and body surface, and a uniform fillet is obtained. The depth of δ (Delta), which is 0.368 times the depth of the surface, is the current penetration depth. δ becomes shallower as f (frequency) is higher and deeper as it is lower. For quenching, etc., select the frequency according to the depth.

High frequency induction heating with high heat generation efficiency

2. Uniform fillet is formed by all-around simultaneous heating

Compared to soldering iron, etc., which gradually and partially melt solder, induction heating method heats entire circumference at once, by which uniform fillet is formed.

Uniform fillet is formed by all-around simultaneous heating

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