Soldering quality of a fine pitch FPC connector is desired to be improved

Pulse heat realizes high quality soldering by displacement control

Challenge: Frequency of solder bridge increases due to narrow pitch
FPC/connector Au-rich reduces joining strength.


  • Due to increasing communication volume, output volume of optical communication devices have increased, by which FPC connectors have been adapted. Soldering of narrow-pitch. connectors tend to cause bridging, resulting in poor yield.
  • When the amount of Au in the solder increases and becomes the Au-rich state, metal compound of Au and Sn increases and becomes brittle, and joining strength decreases. When a large amount of Au is dissolved in the solder, it deteriorates the fluidity of the solder and causes voids.

Avio's Solution: Displacement and temperature controlled pulse heat unit
eliminates soldering problems.

Soldering is always performed with optimum heating time,regardless of variations in the amount of solder.


1. Displacement control

  • Thickness of solder is constantly maintained by controlling displacement.
  • Bridging is suppressed even with a large amount of solder.
Displacement Control

2. Detection of melting solder

  • By detecting solder melting, soldering is performed in the shortest time, which minimizes Au penetration into the solder.
Detection of melting

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