Traceability is desired to be improved while reducing the cost by plastic welding

Small-sized ultrasonic metal welder with tractability function

Challenge: Installation cost of ultrasonic welder is desired to be saved.
Also, traceability system is desired to be enhanced
in order to improve quality.


  • Customers request a product management by a traceability system
  • Conventional welders including displacement feed-back and monitoring system are extremely expensive.

Avio's Solution: Solution by systematization of ultrasonic welder SW-D series.

Quality improvement is achieved by strengthening traceability.


  1. Low cost
    • SW-D series realizes low price (high cost performance) by excellent standard function
      Various control capability (Control by using external sensor data such as displacement, temperature)
      Enhanced monitoring capability (Good/NG judgement by power, amplitude, as well as external sensor data such as displacement)
  2. Enhancing of quality history management
    • Welding waveform can be managed by combining with a small press machine and a data logger
    • Easy data management via Ethernet connection

System Configuration

System Configuration

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