Force and Displacement Monitor

Force Monitor QC-100A
Force Monitor QC-100A

Real Time Monitoring of Displacement and Force
High Reliability for QC

  • Selectable Display : Digital or Graphic
  • Easy Automation by Combination with System Head
  • Easy QC by Enhancement of Communication Function
    (Output of Measured Value & Monitoring Result)
  • Easy Installation of Force Sensor
  • High Accuracy Measurement for Displacement of Welding Material
  • Wave Analysis by Graphic Display
    (High Speed Sampling at 2000 times/sec)
  • Measurement & Judge by 2 Conditions for Welding Process
    (Measurement & Judge for Before/After Welding)
  • Trigger by Applied Force or Displacement can be Set
  • *Calibration certificate for QC-100A is not free of charge. Please ask sales representative for quotation.
Items Force Monitor QC-100A
Measurement Range 0 - 1000N
Accuracy ±3% (of full scale)
Sampling Time 0.5ms (2000 times/sec)
Squeeze, Hold Time 0 - 0.9 sec
Interface RS-232C, I/O, Analog output
Power Source DC24V ±10% 2A
Dimension / Weight W170 x D210 x H150mm ≈3.0kg

Pressure Sensor for Incorporation into Equipment

Items TJS-1R TJS-20R TJS-100R
Measurement Range 0 - 10N 0 - 196N 0 - 980N
Critical Load 20N 294N 1470N
Accuracy ±3% (of full scale)
  • * Pressure sensor for NA-124 and NA-154 will be treated as a custom order.

Photo: Pressure Sensor for Incorporation into Equipment

Joining Monitor

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