Pulse Heat Unit (Hot Bar Bonder)

Advantages of Pulse Heating (Hot Bar Bonding) Method

  • This method is most suitable for reliable soldering and thermo-compression because heating and cooling are done applying the pressure force
  • Good repeatability of heating temperature and time requires no skilled workers
  • Partial heating in short time allows to reduce thermal damages
  • For implement of Pb free


Pulse Heat Machine

photo: Pulse Heat Machine

  • Desktop Pulse Heat System (Turn Table Type)
  • ACF Thermo-Compression Bonder
  • XYZ Table Type
  • Turn Table Type
  • Three Head Type
  • Upper and Bottom Pulse Heat Type

Heater Tip/Heater Tool

Heater Tip/Heater Tool

Various Standard Type is Prepared

  • Heater Tip
  • Heater Tip for Fusing Unit
  • Heater Tool
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