Ultrasonic Metal Welding

Ultrasonic metal welding method is used to join dissimilar metals of aluminum wire and copper for aluminum harnesses, thin copper alloys for vapor chambers and hoop materials, and aluminum laminated foil for rechargeable batteries.

Ultrasonic metal welding is a method in which the interfaces rub against each other by ultrasonic vibration (lateral vibration), thereby destroying and dispersing the oxide film and exposing new surface of metal, which is then joined in a solid state (below melting point temperature of base metal) by plastic deformation under pressure.

Avio's ultrasonic metal welder has achieved high-quality and stable joining thanks to our unique frequency-auto-tracking technique, ATHMOS oscillation method.

We offer a lineup of ultrasonic oscillators/pressure heads that is suitable for wide variety of workpieces to meet customer needs.

Ultrasonic Metal Welding Products


Aluminum wire and copper terminal
Aluminum wire and copper terminal
Aluminum  and Copper Plate(Bus Bar)
Aluminum and Copper Plate(Bus Bar)
Aluminum and Nickel Plated Steel
Aluminum and Nickel Plated Steel
Compacting (Aluminum wire Aluminum wire)
Compacting (Aluminum wire Aluminum wire)
Compacting (copper wire)
Compacting (copper wire)
Stainless  and Aluminum Plate
Stainless and Aluminum Plate

Features of Our Ultrasonic Generator

Our proprietary Ultrasonic Oscillation Generator is named ATHMOS (Automatic Tuning Hold Master Oscillator System)

  • Smooth, High Speed Increase in Oscillation Energy is Obtained Even during Heavily Loaded Situations
  • Auto Tracking of Frequency is Quick and in Wide Range
  • Stable Amplitude (Constant Amplitude) is Maintained within a Wide Load Range
  • High Power Welding which Requires Large Output and Load is Available
  • Having Resistance to Change in Temperature and Load, the Welding Quality is Stable and Reliable
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