Inverter Welder NRW-IN4200 


NT-IN4400 / NRW-IN4200
Photo: Inverter Type
Examples of combinations of Welding Power Supply
Graphic Display of Welding Waveform
Photo: Graphic Display of Welding Waveform

High Productivity by High Speed Welding!

This model is the highly efficient welding power supply that adopted an inverter. It responds to the change during welding at real time by fast feedback. The highly stabilized welding current generated by the power supply is optimal to the resistance welding for precision electronic parts.

  • Multi control mode (constant-current, voltage, power)
  • Pre-weld check function
  • Long-time welding (maximum 3sec)
  • Graphic display of welding waveform on large LCD
  • Multi monitoring function
  • Welding waveform-memory function

Photo: Multi-transformer System

  • Multi-transformer System
    Max 8 transformers

Resistance Welding Power Supplies Specifications

Item NRW-IN4200
Welding Transformer NT-IN4400, NT-IN4448
Control Frequency 2kHz
Control Mode Constant Current, Constant Voltage, Constant Power, Fixed Pulse Width
Range of Timer Setting 1st, 2nd, 3rd, UP, WELD, DOWN Total Time 0.5 - 3000ms (0.5ms Step)
Setting Range for Weld Type Current: 400 - 4100A (1A Step)
Voltage: 0.400 - 4100V (0.001V Step)
Power: 200 - 8200W (1W Step)
Current, Voltage, Power, Resistance, Monitoring Average/Peak/Profile
Trace Monitoring Current, Voltage, Power, Resistance
Display of Waveform Current, Voltage, Power, Resistance
Number of Conditions 31
Interface RS-232C
Cooling Method Air
Power Source AC200 - 230V 3Φ
Dimension / Weight W170 x D350 x H265mm ≈14kg

Resistance Welding Transformer Specifications

Item NT-IN4400 NT-IN4448
Rated Capacity 8.8kVA 23.2kVA
Primary Input Voltage 300V/600V
Secondary Open-circuit Voltage 8.4V (220V) 12.9V (220V)
Transformer Turns Ratio 37:1/74:1 24:1/48:1
Input Frequency 2kHz
Maximum Welding Current 4000A
Duty Cycle (Weld Time) Air cooling 5% (50ms) Air cooling 5%
Water cooling 10% (1000ms)
Cooling Method Air Air/Water
Dimension / Weight W150 x D267 x H210mm ≈12kg W170 x D312 x H235mm ≈18.4kg

Multi-Transformer System Specifications

Item TS-IN4000
Dimension / Weight W150 x D245 x H210mm ≈5kg

Welding Power Supply

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