Basic Configuration of Laser Welder

What is Laser Welder?

  • Non-contact Joining of Micro Components and Object Hard to Apply Force is Realized.
  • Joining of Material with High Electrical Conductivity is Enabled.

As the laser beam is emitted in the same direction in parallel without being scattered like a light from a lamp bulb, it is characterized by its high energy density. Furthermore, high energy can be obtained by focusing the parallel light into one point.

Using such energy, the laser welding equipment is useful in soldering and plastic welding.

  • * What is laser?
    Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
    The first laser oscillation was demonstrated in 1960 by Theodore Harold Maiman of Hughes Research Laboratories.
  • * What is laser beam?
    It is a light with uniform direction, phase and wavelength artificially created using a laser oscillator.

Basic Configuration of Laser Welder

The laser beam oscillated by the laser oscillator is guided to a distant location by an optical fiber, and focused into one fine spot using a lens for fabrication of material.

Basic Configuration of Laser Welder

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