Basic Configuration of Pulse Heat Unit (Hot Bar Bonder) and Role of Each Part

The pulse heat unit is a device for soldering electronic parts and welding plastic parts. It consists of a reflow head to press the work for applying pressure, and a pulse heat power supply to apply electric current.

Image:Basic Configuration of a Pulse Heat Unit and Role of Each Part

  • Pulse Heat Power Supply: Electric current is flown to the heater tip or the heater tool.
  • Reflow Head: The object to be joined is held down and a force is applied. The applied force is adjusted by a spring.
  • Heater Tip & Heater Tool: This is the part which becomes hot by resistance heating.
    The one with a relatively small area is called"heater tip"and a larger area is called "heater tool".
  • * In addition to the above, we have various monitors which measure applied pressure

Pulse Heat Power Supply

Select a power supply with suitable welding capacity depending on the material or the shape of the object to be joined and the required quality level.

Standard Type

Reflow Head

Select a head having a force suitable to the object to be joined and suitable to the heater tip/heater tool to be used.

Heater Tip Type
Heater Tip Type
Heater Tool Type
Heater Tool Type

Heater Tip/Heater Tool

Select the size and shape suitable to the object to be joined. If necessary, it can be machined for custom shape.
A material to which the solder will not stick and easy to heat with high resistance value is used.

Heater Tip
Heater Tip
Heater Tool
Heater Tool
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