Phosphor Bronze + Aluminium Alloy (ex. Duralumin)

Weldability of the material and electrode material (guideline)

Weldability Acceptable
Upper Electrode Cu-Cr-Zr (Equivalent to RWMA-2)
Lower Electrode Cu-Cr-Zr (Equivalent to RWMA-2)
Special Note Possible to weld under a special condition.
Welding conditions should be adjusted precisely.

Physical Property

PB Phospher Bronze
Melting Point ≈980℃
Electrical Resistivity 15×10-8Ω・m
Thermal Conductivity ≈67 W/(m・K)
Al alloy Aluminium Alloy (ex. Duralumin)
Melting Point ≈630℃
Electrical Resistivity 78×10-8Ω・m
Thermal Conductivity ≈225 W/(m・K)