Heater Tip/Heater Tool

Various Standard Type is Prepared!

Heater Tip

Standard Heater Tip: HT- W(plate thickness)- L(tip length)

unit: mm






Photo:Standard Heater Tip

Custom-ordered Item

* Applicable plate thickness: 0.5 / 0.8 / 1.0 / 1.2 / 1.6 / 2.4 / 3.0 / 3.2 / 4.0
If special requirement like step shape, chamfering or others is required, please consult us by specifying them on the drawing

Shank for System Head Series




Shank for NA-62D or NA-66


Conversion Shank for System Head NA-15X Series

Photo:Conversion Shank for System Head NA-15X Series

Heater Tip for Fusing Unit

Image:Heater Tip for Fusing Unit

Heater Tip Dimension and Guideline for Boss Size
  Dimension (mm) Volume (mm³) Guideline for Boss Size (mm)
φA φB H φ H
CHT-20 2.0 3.0 0.38 0.62 0.7 1.8
CHT-30 3.0 4.0 0.57 2.11 1.2 2.1
CHT-40 4.0 5.0 0.76 5.02 1.7 2.5
CHT-50 5.0 6.0 0.95 9.78 2.3 2.6
CHT-60 6.0 7.0 1.15 17.10 2.9 2.8

Sizes or Material of Heater Tip Other Than the Above are Available on Custom Order Basis
Multi-point Simultaneous Heater Tip is Available on Custom Order Basis

Heater Tool

Image:Heater Tool

This type Tool is a custom-ordered item.

W (tip thickness) XL (tip length)
W: 1.5mm or more at the standard shape
0.6mm or more at the step shape

  • * When complicated shape or severe operating condition is required, it is recommended to consult us or conduct sample test by using actual parts before ordering
Click the "Contact Us" button on the right.
(for dealer information, sample test or technical consultation)

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