Displacement Pulse Heat Power Supply


Ultimate Pulse Heat Controller!
Concurrency Control of Temperature and Displacement!

  • High Precision Displacement Control
    Overtravelling amount is controlled by feedback of displacement amount in 1μm resolution, and uniform melting amount can be realized
  • Wide Variety of Monitoring Functions
    (Temperature, Displacement)
  • Digital Temperature Control
    High speed and highly accurate temperature control is realized by the digital PID control method, making the unit suitable for fine wires and micro-miniature works
  • Release Function
    After heating, the solder thickness between the works can be secured
  • Four Stage Heating
    Various temperature profiles are realized to cope with the diversified applications
  • Built-in Linear Slider Drive Control Function
  • User Interface
    RS-232C&I/O is standard equipped making the unit easy to interface with the external equipment such as the case of incorporating in an automated system

Micro Coaxial Cable

Melting Amounts Control

  • No Spread Wire (Damage Reduction)
  • No Solder Bridge

Micro Coaxial Cable

Solar Panel Module

Joining Gap Control

  • Enhancement of Joining Strength
  • Reduction of Residual Stress

Solar Panel Module


  • * Model TCW-DP100B must be used in combination with reflow head linear Slider Drive Unit
Item TCW-DP100B
Drive unit NA-201PB-B
Heating temperature Room temperature - 600℃ 1℃ step, E type/J type (Option)
Room temperature - 900℃, K type (Option)
Heating time 0.00 - 99.99 sec
Rated capacity 750VA Duty cycle 50%
Heat control 4 steps
Monitor function Temperature, displacement, work height
Motor resolution 1μm
Moving speed 1 to 250.0mm/sec
Displacement control resolution 1μm
Interface RS-232C, I/O
Transformer Built-in
Transformer secondary voltage 0.88V, 1.24V, 1.75V, 2.47V, 3.5V
Power source Single phase AC 200 - 240V ±10% 15A
Dimensions/Weight W220 × D465.6 × H338 (Excluding protrusions) ≒23Kg

Linear Slider Drive Unit with Brake NA-201PB-B

Linear Slider Drive Unit with Brake NA-201PB-B

Item NA-201PB-B
Drive Method Electrical slider
Stroke 最大 50mm
Electromagnetic brake holding force 140N
Dimension 57.5 × D82.5 × 311.2mm
(including protrusion)
Weight ≒ 2.0kg

Pulse Heat Power Supply

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