Small Size Ultrasonic Metal Welder / Motor Slider Head Type

Small Size Ultrasonic Metal Welder / Motor Slider Head Type

Ultrasonic Small Metal Welder SW-D600S-48/Motor Drive Head/CNT-320B

Small ultrasonic metal welder, which is ideal for joining fine workpieces such as fine wire harness and foil

  • High Frequency 48kHz / High Power 600W
  • High Resolution Motor Drive
  • Various Control Mode ( Time / Peake Power / Energy / External Sensor )
  • Displacement Control
  • Various Monitoring Function for OK/NG Judgement
  • Easy to read and operation by TFT touch panel
  • Low temperature bonding with reduced thermal effects
  • Suitable for difficult-to-weld materials: Cu, Al
  • Dissimilar metal material welding: Cu x Al

Recommended System Configuration

Recommended System Configuration

Displacement Control

Displacement control (Stop oscillation when it reaches to set displacement value) is available by using external sensor control function. Welding finishing appearance and welding strength can be stabilized by precise control of displacement amount of horn.

Displacement Control

Welding Sample

Welding Sample


Ultrasonic Welder

Items SW-D600S-48
Frequency 48.5kHz
Rated Output 600W (Continuous Oscillation 300W)
Oscillation Method Digital ATHMOS
Amplitude Setting 30~100% (1% step)
Control Mode Time/Energy/Peak Power/External Sensor/Continuous Oscillation
Monitor (for OK/NG) Frequency/Time/Energy/Peak Power/External Sensor
Number of Program 31 programs
Interface I/O /Analog/RS-232C/LAN/CF Card
Input Power Single-Phase AC100~240V±10%
Power Consumption 900VA
Size W150×D370×H310mm
Weight Approx. 8.5kg

Control Box

Items UA-C01
LCD 3.5 inch TFT LCD

W320×H240 QVGA

Buzzer available
Language English
Power Input

Supplied from generator (Hot plugging)

Cable Length

1.5m (Option: 5m extention cable)


W85×D125×H40mm (Excluding protrusion)



Pressure Head


Weld head for small-sized ultrasonic metal welder

Pressure Range



Motor (resolution 1μm, driving speed 0.1~100mm/s)

Pressure Method Spring
Stroke 50mm
Displacement Sensor*option

resolution 1.6μm, Stroke 12mm

Air Supply

For cooling:Oscillator 50L/min(0.1MPa), For horn:0.1MPa




Approx. 35kg

Linear Slider Drive Head Controller



Display / Operation

TFT color LCD touch panel / JOG switch

Power Input

AC power adaptor, Single Phase AC100~240V

Size W120× D305 × H207 mm
Weight Approx. 3.7kg

Ultrasonic Metal Welding

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